We get calls weekly from home owners, frustrated with other companies, who do a one day job for less money. Their problems are not necessarily resolved and we may end up repeating the work. The job can end up costing double in the end. We want to avoid this problem by doing the job right, the first time. Our aim is to provide peace of mind in a healthy, safe and environmentally sensitive way.

Suited up for Protection! We take this very seriously where most do not.

Lavonne with respirator suit

Repairs – we will do whatever it takes.

We are bonded and licensed. We also have a contractor’s license to do what is necessary to get your home back to a haven of health and safety. We will block entry points and follow up after observing pest patterns. This includes filling holes with cement, digging and trenching, and inserting doors for access as necessary.

We utilize IPM methods of pest management.

We will set traps, bait and use other appropriate products to eliminate pests. It can take a few hours to a few weeks to control pest problems. It is not always an over-night solution. Our goal is to do the job efficiently and correctly so future problems are reduced and eliminated.

We will remove damaged insulation and we take this job very seriously. It may take more than a day to minimize contamination and exposure. We remove debris and insulation, do repair and then do follow-up examinations to make sure the problem is resolved. We install new insulation once we know pests are gone.

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