pest control for your home by Green City Pest Control


Green City Pest Control takes your problem seriously. From the moment we take your phone call, our professional staff will work to walk you through the pest elimination process.  We ask you specific questions to understand and identify the right program to fit your family’s needs. Our friendly staff will thoroughly help and advise you regarding the steps you may need to take to prepare for our visit.

  • After discussing any signs of infestation, and collecting any and all historical data relating to your pest infestation, our extensively trained, licensed and bonded Technician will carefully survey and evaluate your home, inside and out, for potential entry points and signs of pest activity that are often missed by the untrained eye. During the first visit to your home we make sure to treat it like it was our own home.  On the initial visit, we can sometimes spend up to 2 hours inspecting your entire home and can include buildings around the perimeter.
  • It is essential to be thorough in this visit, therefore, we will also be happy to inspect your property for not only the pest that you originally contacted us about, but also all common pests like rats, mice, carpenter ants, nuisance ants, spiders, wasps, bees, cockroaches, birds, powder post beetles and other crawling insects which attack from the ground or use numerous other points of entry, such as gaps around windows and doors or even at the roof-line.  We will inspect the attic, crawl space and other areas to investigate and determine what and where problems begin, etc.
  • Afterwards, our Service Technician will discuss  all the findings from our inspection and the appropriate course of remediation of your current pest infestation. This typically includes informing you of which methods you can initiate on your own or with our help to exclude and/or persuade pests from inhabiting your residence.  This will include giving you a final report with photos that will comprehensively outline all treatments in all necessary areas. This report includes entry/exit holes, any current damage and a list of necessary repairs that you can do yourself or have our licensed team come and do for you.

Our Green City Pest Control Program looks closely at your specific situation, to determine the real root of any pest problem, as well as the best way to solve it.