Deer mouse eating rasberries

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Deer mice can be kinda cute, but definitely not in your home.

Did you know they can carry the Hanta Virus, which has been known to cause death in the Seattle area and beyond.  Find out more about Deer Mice in our latest blog article from Scott Dideon – Entomologist and Owner of Green City Pest Control.

About Green City Pest Control

Green City Pest Control is owned and operated by Scott Dideon. He is one of the few Board-Certified Entomologists in the Seattle area and has been in the pest control business for over 30 years. He received his Master’s degree in Entomology from Purdue University with a focus on Urban Pest Control. He has developed programs and best practices in the pest control industry and is making a big difference. He is helping to improve and change how to best approach pest applications.

Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is one of the few processes that makes a long term difference when dealing with crawl spaces and attics.

Bed Bugs are on the rise and Scott has developed a non-heat treatment that is very safe and has been very successful particularly in homes for the elderly. Green City Pest Control adheres to higher standards than most pest control companies when treating your home. We want you to have peace of mind; knowing that your family and home is safe during and after pest control, the same way we too would want to be treated.

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Our Success Stories

As a home inspector I see a lot of rodent activity in crawl spaces and attics. I was looking for a company that would have the highest quality, professionalism, and value for my own house. I chose Green City Pest Control and couldn’t be happier. They were through, educative, and easy to work with. I’ve been doing home inspections for over 15 years and would recommend them to all my clients.

Meri R., Issaquah, WA

Awesome family company!!!! Wonderful desk staff who are very accommodating and kind! Scott and his crew are very informative , hard working and very friendly ! They have been 100% on top of my rat problem which is sooo reassuring with my two small children. Thank you sooo much for helping me with this!

Ashlyne F., Seattle, WA

5-Star Review

Green City and especially Tim have been great. I have a carpenter ant problem and Tim has known exactly what to do. He is knowledgeable and professional and always shows up when he says he will. I will only use them going forward. Unfortunately, I wasted money by not using them first.

Wendy N., Kirkland, WA
5-Star Review

Green City Pest Control has been fabulous in giving me advise on my pest control issues. I am so grateful for their willingness to take the time to hear my pest struggles and provide solutions. They are never too busy to take me call and address my concerns! Roscoe is pretty cute too!!!

Rhonda A, Maple Valley, WA

Associations & Certifications

Green City Pest Control maintains high standards and works alongside many organizations to stay current and knowledgeable within the pest control and other related industries.